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Funding Opportunity: Defence and Security Accelerator

January 29, 2018

This Defence and Security Accelerator themed competition will invest £25.5million in solutions able to make a real difference in aviation security through innovative science and technology.


Specifically, the competition is looking for proposals to improve with the ability to prevent explosives, hidden within electrical items in passenger baggage, from being taken on board an aircraft.


The opportunity…


This competition aims to make a positive impact on the government’s priority to create a safer, more secure and sustainable transport system for all; improving aviation security processes by staying ahead of evolving threats and maintaining a high level of confidence in threat detection.


As part of an effective, efficient and passenger-friendly screening system this Defence and Security Accelerator is seeking new solutions that could provide an alternative to imposing bans on electrical items or implementing additional laborious screening measures.

Through this competition we want to continue to improve our detection capability, reduce the risk of restrictive measures being imposed in the future and reduce the need for additional layers of security.

…and how you can seize it

If you have the right idea and think you and your company is in for a shot, you will need to outline proposals for proof of concept solutions need to maximise one or more of:

  • reliability and confidence - in the detection of concealed threats, particularly in complex and cluttered situations, for example hand baggage with several electrical items

  • customer experience - reducing the intrusiveness and inconvenience during security screening for example allowing large electrical items to remain within a bag and reduce intrusive and time-consuming bag searching

  • cost benefits – reducing costs, both purchase and operation of security screening including power, training, maintenance, calibration, consumables, human resource

  • throughput levels - improving the speed of baggage screening


Don’t panic – we’ve got you!


If we’ve piqued your interest but it sounds like a lot of hassle, or you’re keen to apply but are unsure of where to begin, don’t worry; that’s what we’re here for.


Innovation Point was built to help companies like yours find and secure opportunities just like this, and it doesn’t stop there. We’re able to support you throughout the proposal, be it project management, bid development support, pitch training, or just about anything else. Just ask!



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